18 July 2011

The Best Dog Fence for my Pet

An Electric Dog Fence does not hold a voltage, or plug into an outlet. With an Electronic fence you have a transmitter that plugs into the wall and your pet will wear an electronic collar that will receive a radio signal from the transmitter. Because a static charge is used an electronic dog fence is safe and harmless. The collar of an electric dog fence gives a warning as the pet approaches the boundary line. As the pet increases speed and or gets closer to the boundary line, the static correction will increase. This safely and effectively teaches your pet to stay within the boundary lines.
There are two Kinds of Electric Dog Fence. These are;
1.      Premium electric dog fence
This kind of Dog Fence is great for 15-200 lbs as well as little and stubborn dogs. It is the smartest and safest electronic dog fence that you can find on the market today; thus eliminating your worries about your dog getting out of the yard and into danger. An electronic dog fence also use long life Lithium Ion Battery and offer a non-stop containment, run through prevention and progressive correction for any size of dog. The electronic collars can be completely submerged in water without being damaged and has a self-diagnostic that tells you whether the collar fits properly on your dog's neck.
2.      Deluxe electric dog fence
This is ideal for dogs weighing 15-200 lbs. It has 15 auto-adjusting levels of correction and offers run through prevention. In addition, it is waterproof and uses Nickel Metal Hydride Rechargeable Batteries. If this is your first time to contain your pet, a Basic Electronic Dog Fence is just perfect for you. Our basic introductory electronic dog fence will not have rechargeable collars and has 15 Automatically Adjusting Levels of Correction. In addition, it offers Run through Prevention and is ideal for medium to large dogs that weigh 25-200 lbs.

Nowadays, more and more pet owners are switching to an electric dog fence to contain their dog due to its low-cost and ease of setting up. With just a few training sessions, you can get your dog ready with his new playground. However, you need to be aware of the quality you used for your pets, as a pet owner, we only want the best for them.


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  2. When we first moved to our home here in Kansas, the MOm and Dad put up a wrought iron fence and then lined it with invisible fence because they were worried that Dakota and Phantom would dig their way out. Where they lived before they had a concrete run. A while after that, the humans put in a lot of landscaping beds and wanted to keep them out of there so they had the fence redone to include the beds. WEll, Phantom and Dakota saw those flags go up and they wouldn't leave the deck. Eventually they were OK with it, but it was tough to get them up and down the deck stairs. Over time the wire has fallen into disrepair and they didn't bother to fix it.

    Now with our resident ungardener Ciara here, they are thinking they might need to redo the invisible fence to keep the beds in good shape. But how to plan it so the pups can get off the deck without freaking out?

    We wanted to thank you for your visits to our blog , nice of you to visit.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

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    I liked your blog about electric fence. I really didn't know much about them. In 75 I put up a 6ft high chain link fence and it is still there. I have so far never needed it after a month with a dog. They are not going anywhere I am not!!! They love me b/c I love them so much!!
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    We put up an invisible fence several years ago for Stanzie and our first Airedale 'Leo'.
    We trained religiously for 60 days, before letting them free in the yard to test it out. They saw a squirrel on the 'other side' right away and over they went. Their prey drive is so high, it just didn't work for us.
    Now we have a fence fence..
    Wyatt's Mom

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