28 September 2011

Shop and Save Today a Dog Fence!

Electric Dog Fences have changed the Dog Fence industry. Years have been invested to produce the perfect collar, wire, and transmitter to keep your dog safe and secure while outside. Some people seem to think that an Electric Dog Fence will harm you and your dog. This is not true! The Electric Dog Fence will only provide a shock to the dog that is wearing the special collar. The shock will not leave any permanent damage and is completely humane. Electric Dog Fences will give the dog a warning (either a beep, slight shock or a vibration) as they approach the boundary line, if they continues closer to the limits than a correctional shock is released. The shock will discourage the dog to go any farther. Dogs tend to catch on quickly, however it works best if you train a few minutes everyday.

An Electric Dog Fence will save you time, money, and energy! With a traditional fence you have to make repairs, paints, clean, and even replace panels. With an electronic fence, all you will have to do is bury the wire and put the collar on your dog; there is essentially no maintenance, no painting, no cleaning and no repairs. We have a wide selection of Dog Fences that will meet your every need and every budget. All our Dog Fences are safe, humane, and will keep your dog is a designated area. We carry all the top brands in the fence industry at the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping.

We have Dog Fences for dogs that range from 5- 220 pounds. With smaller dogs, make sure that the product you pick is suitable for their size. Some dogs have a natural tendency to be stubborn and defy all rules; for these dogs we recommend to use the Petsafe Stubborn Dog Containment System. We also carry systems for 2 and 3 dogs in addition to extra wire, transmitters, flags and receivers. Whatever your dog fence needs are, we know we will have the perfect solution.

Most of our Dog Fences have the ability to customize the stimulation settings. Some have auto-adjusting levels that will change according to the dog and how often they go near the boundary lines. Other collars need to be set manually. If this is your first time buying and using an Electric Dog Fence than any of the Basic Dog Fences will be perfect for you. These fences do not use rechargeable batteries.

If you have an indoor dog and want to be able to block him/her from particular rooms than you need the Innotek Indoor Zone. This system can also be used in conjunction with the Outdoor Pet Barrier. You will place the transmitter at the entrance or exit of any room and your dog will not be allowed to cross. Common areas for placement are the kitchen, master bedroom, front and back doors. Additional transmitters are available.

We know that some areas, wire cannot be buried do to other electrical wires. We offer Wireless Dog Fences that will give you instant containment. These devices do not require any special tools or equipment; it is as simple as plug and play. With portable capabilities, these Wireless Dog Fences are great for camping, visiting friends, and vacations.

Electric Fences are not just for dogs, they are also for cats. Cats are naturally inquisitive animals that like to explore. With Petsafe’s specially designed cat fence you will be able to prevent your cat from crossing the road, going to the neighbor’s house, and getting into trash. Cats cannot be stopped with traditional fences, and most like the sun bath outside. You can keep your cat safe with our Electronic Cat Fence.

We have the largest selection of Dog Fences that will provide plenty of room for your dog to play, relax and run. With coverage up to 25 acres, we know we will be able to meet to needs of every yard. We also have fences for every size dog and every budget. Keep your dog safe with an Electric Dog Fence. We offer the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on orders over $50.

Shop and Save Today a  Dog Fence


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